It’s Been Broughten!

The 777 challenge is on.

My good friend Heather Demetrios has drawn the line in the sand and dared me to cross. I slip on my best cowgirl boots and Stetson, pull out my six-shooters and…ahem…well, since I’m certainly not shooting her, post seven sentences.

Seven sentences from page seven of my WIP, seven lines down. 777.

It just so happens that I started playing around with a brand new novel idea this week, so I’m going to post 7 lines of rough character work from this unnamed road trip novel about two girls, best friends, who go on a post-graduation trek to photograph abandoned buildings across their state. For Jill, an artistic girl who feels like the black sheep of the family, it’s an exodus from her parents’ “tyrannical hypocrisy” in order to make them take her seriously, and Jade, once left in a Walmart bathroom as an infant, thinks she’s just along for the ride until she finds something she didn’t even know she was looking for.

For both it’s actually a journey about finding their self-worth.

This is an excerpt from Jill’s POV:

We never had any idea when Dad would be home. Always working late with his secretary and such. Mom did nothing about it, backed him up, even, saying his job demanded a lot of his time. Right. Apparently it demanded his dick, too.

“I told Jade I’d be there by ten. I’ve got to go.”

“Please be careful, Jilly. And call me, just once in a while, so I know you’re alive, okay?”

I hugged her. It was a lame hug, I’ll admit, but it was all I could manage. 

So, to send this challenge further into the world, I now tag Donna Galanti, Kathryn Craft, Marie Lamba, Kathryn Gaglione, and Shae Edwards!

Looking forward to seeing your words, ladies!


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